Rise and Shine

Wednesday January 21, 2015

cropped-img_0989.jpgHow long does it take for you to get going after first waking up? 15 minutes, as long as it takes for the snooze button on your alarm clock to ring. Most of us wish we had more minutes to rest when we first awake causing us to abuse our alarm clocks. If only they could talk, the stories they would tell. It’s quite normal for us to not look forward to doing some of the things necessary for us to improve our daily lives. It is easy to argue, I’m fine, as we see those less fortunate around us. But the truth is, most of us want to be better, we yarn to live the best life possible and would do just about anything legal to improve ours lives.

The fact is, each day is the start of a new journey, when first waking up we are renewed, we have new hope, and a new chance for better opportunities. What better time is there to start our journey of living our best life possible.

3 Daily Commitments to Improve Your Daily Life

  • Commit several minutes after first waking up to mindfulness. Smile- yes try your best to smile. Remember the times you were in love and you smiled when first waking up warped in your lovers arms, or when you had a special event to look forward to such as a new job, new outfit to wear, concert, date. You get it. (You can also spend the several minutes Praying, or meditating). The goal is to clear your mind of all negativity, fear, and pessimism and not think about yesterday or tomorrow. You are just in the present moment. You are not judging anything taking place within these several minuets.

  • Commit your day to working towards dumping negative thoughts from your mind. This will take a life time of practice, but I promise, with each negative thought you dump out the better you will feel and the more productive your day will be.
  • Commit to eating better and daily exercise. Making a commitment to eating healthier, drinking more water and moving more than you had yesterday is all it takes, It’s that simple. I made a commitment to stretching my body when I first get out of bed. My goal is to just loosen up my bones and muscles. During the rest of my day I will stretch on purpose and bend as much as I can throughout my day.

What happens when you use these 3 daily commitments are you feel better, you look better and your day is more productive. Taking these baby steps to improve your life costs you nothing. This is a start to a continued journey of self improvement.

My Life’s mission is to persevere through life’s experiences, to embrace life’s diversities and to endure life’s challenges for the purpose of teaching healing and empowering others to become their best.  -Rhonda Davis-

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