Trust Yourself More


So far I have discussed the importance of self trust, some beliefs, thoughts and myths about self trust. Today i will discuss ways to improve your levels of self trust. Trusting ourselves are one of those things that slip our daily minds, because we are so busy living life. Not many of us walk around asking ourselves if we really trust ourselves. Its usually not until the topic is brought up that we take notice and realize that self trust is an area that we are weak in. Below are a list of things that can be done without the assistance of others to improve self trust.

Self-confidence + Risk + Integrity = Self Trust


-Think Positive, you are what ever you believe yourself to be.

-Act Positive, if you can see it, and you can believe, it then you can achieve it, it’s that simple.

-Become your own BFF, start taking care of self, listening to self, loving self, and spending more time with self.

-Don’t talk bad about yourself, what we feed our mind becomes our reality.

-Be Kind to Yourself, we are kind to strangers, friends, anyone but ourselves. Treat yourself as you want others to treat you.

Take Risk

-Take risks to increase your competence in an interest. This will improve your self concept, how you see yourself.

-Take the risk to depend on yourself more, this lets you know that you can take care of you 

and strengthens your self trust.

-Don’t break promises to yourself. Do what you say you will do, this increases your self reliance.

-Take risks to change small habits, this improves self-esteem and allows you to see bigger possibilities.

-Take risks to listen to your feelings and emotions you were born with them for a reason.

Live Life with Integrity

-Living life with integrity allows one to be genuine and real.

-Know the principles you live by, know the values and moral do your live by.

-Know your mission for life.

-Know your life’s purpose.

-Seek good in all things.

I was reminded this week that as we increase our self-confidence our love for self grows and we are kinder to ourselves. We think positive thoughts because we understand whatever we tell our mind becomes our reality. Taking risk means moving, we become stagnant when we are afraid to move. Every little risk we take increases our competence, self reliance and trust in self. A quality life is one where we can trust our decisions. A quality life is one where a person falls asleep with a goal in mind and awakens with a purpose. Finding our purpose is detrimental to our happiness however we are not able to find our purpose without first trusting ourselves.

IMG_0989My Life’s mission is to persevere through life’s experiences, to embrace life’s diversities and to endure life’s challenges for the purpose of teaching healing and empowering others to be their best.   -Rhonda Davis-

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