How Humble are You

Do you practice humility?


I really feel that humility is a gift that few people process. Therefore the act of humility has to be sought out, desired and practiced. Most of us have life experiences which has taught us not to be too caring an giving. God forbid if we are taken advantage of. Today more and more children are taught to live lives which are the opposite of humility. We have turned into a cold, mean and selfish society. We live in a dangerous world in which vulnerability is the last thing we want to be. Today its popular to be hungry- hungry for fast money, hungry for relationships, hungry for attention and hungry for fame. Continue reading “How Humble are You”

What is Your Life’s Mission

I recently re-worded my life’s mission statement as I felt my recent experiences had given me a cause to refocused my life. In March and April of this year I loss my cat of 18 years and my brother. The loss of my cat in March was painful, in April when I loss my brother I felt numbed, all It seemed I could do was try to burry the pain and push on. My goal were to make it through the pain with as little damage to my emotions and heart as possible. We all have times in life when we are knocked off our square. A life or personal mission statement is helpful during these times with realigning us back up with our life’s purpose. It doesn’t matter if it takes 1 week or 1 year to realign, the most important thing is having a mission to realign to. If we have no plan and goal to realign with, we could be left going around in circles, loss about what our purpose in life is.When I re-wrote my mission statement, I felt revitalized, although it was reworded slightly it has given me a new guide and map to living my purposeful life”. Continue reading “What is Your Life’s Mission”