5 Steps To A Better Credit Report

When was the last time you ordered your credit report? I definitely have to do a better job with monitoring mine. I’ve spoken with lots of people who say “my credit is bad”. I ask them how do they know this and they say something like “ I’ve tried to get an apartment, car and/or loan and was denied because I have bad credit”.  Most had not seen their credit reports in more than a year.  In most cases after ordering your credit report and seeing whats there you can start to build a solid financial plan. A family member once told me her credit was bad because she was never given an opportunity to establish credit. She went on to say “having no credit is the same as bad credit”.  I suggested she start from the beginning by ordering her credit report to find what was causing her to have bad credit. After ordering the credit report she found that it wasn’t as bad as she previously thought. She took step to remove inaccuracies  and incorrect entries.  The point here is you need to know whats on your report regardless of what someone tell you. It doesn’t matter  if you want to clean your credit report up, get a  personal loan, car or better job. Credit can be considered a lifeline and foundation of your financial stability. Continue reading

Fight Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Yesterday a good friend called me, she was breathing fast, crying and kept asking what was going on with her. She went to the emergency department because she felt like she was having a heart attack. She reported sweating, racing heart, not being able to catch her breath, and felt as if she was going to faint. I could hear the fear in her voice between her heavy breathes. My goal was to assured her that she was going to be fine. I ask her to slow her breathes by exhaling in and out at a slower pace. She made it the the emergency department safely and I asked her to call me as soon as she was told what was going on. My good friend called me back hours later and stated that her heart is fine. She was not having a heart attack after all but was having a panic attack. I was happy to hear that my friend is physically well. My dear friend is now afraid that she will have another attack as she never wants to relive that traumatic experience. Continue reading “Fight Panic Attacks and Anxiety”

Families Who Meditate Together Elevate Together

The Benefits of meditation are unlimited. It has been noted to have mental, physical and spiritual benefits. The practice dates back more than 5000 years and today is practiced in dozens of forms and techniques. There are many online articles discussing it’s benefits, practices and techniques. One such article can be found at The Art of Living in an article “ The Benefits of Meditation”



Families who meditation together receives the same benefits if not more than one meditating alone. Family meditation practices has been shown to improve communication, understanding, and foster a loving and forgiving environment. The benefits children get from mindfulness and meditation practices makes them more happy and peaceful children. Additionally they develop into better functioning adults who are better able to deal with life’s up’s and down’s.


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