About NDM

Hi, I’m Rhonda Davis and welcome to my blog. I have been a Clinical Social Worker for over 12 years. My specialty is working with people who are experiencing mental health difficulties. Since the start of my career I have been focused on educating others how to remain balanced and healthy – especially in times when life throws us its boomerangs. Through years of continued education, servicing others and my own life experiences, I have come realize that the only thing that people truly  want is happiness. I am passionate about helping others apply a simple  recipe “Positive Thinking” into their lives. Positive Thinking has helped me remain hopeful in times of hopelessness, it has provided me a guide during times of disapointment. Thank you for visiting New Day


4 thoughts on “About NDM

  1. I think this is a very motive and positive blog it makes you think of being and doing more positive things to better yourself and your life.


  2. Okay Rhonda,
    You are moving in a great and positive direction. I know you are an excellent clinician and a thoughtful person.



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